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    Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome affecting your life?

    Hypnotherapy helps control stress in the mind, which then controls stress in the body

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It's your digestive system telling you it is stressed

When we have high levels of stress in our system, our body reacts to this by shutting down certain functions in the body to prioritise the ones that manage stress.  

One of the functions that loses resources and energy is the digestive system, so this explains why IBS can become an issue when you feel anxious.

Discomfort and Pain?

The digestive tract and system is a complex machine that works in harmony with the body's rhythm and cycles.  When the flow of digestion is interupted or halted for any reason, our food does not get broken down properly and pass through the system efficiently.  This starts to cause blockages and also can result in passing through too fast causing discomfort and cramping.

Sudden urges for the toilet?

When the digestive system is overloaded, and not operating and functioning in an efficient manner, the system can go into shut down mode and give the indication of instant elimination.  Particularly when the system is stressed, it can go into 'flight' mode and everything will leave the system rather quickly, sometimes with very little warning.  A little bit like being sick, but from the lower end.

Reactions to certain Foods?

If you suffer from a poorly functioning digestive system, which includes the gut, the intestines and the bowel, then these organs will be having to work very hard to perform at an optimum state.  In this case, these organs can develop a hypersensitivity.  This sensitivity can result in reactions to certain foods, but normally sort themselves out when the system returns to normal.

Limiting your Life?

IBS sufferers usually feel stuck and have to plan their lives meticulously around the nearest toilet or exit.  Simple pastimes, like walking, long trips in the car, cinema or theatre visits, travelling on a plane and camping are just a few scenarios that would be impossible.  Hypnotherapy helps you unstick your life.  Slow and simple steps managing the stress in the system take you forward.

How Hypnotherapy Works?

If you feel you are being controlled by your condition, we can reassure you that you are able to regain the control again.  

Book your Initial Consultation, and we can tailor your individual plan for you together.

Your Hypnotherapy programme is tailored specifically for you to help you identify the goal or purpose, and supports your progress in a way that is gentle and subtle.  

Your action steps become apparent along the way that are achievable to your own suitability and pace.  The actual sessions on the couch are designed to get your mind in a positive trance state, where you learn how to relax at a deep level.  

During this trance-like relaxation, your brain is working at least 70 times as hard for you accessing your own internal resources and abilities within you that will be useful for you to move along the path of your purpose in a measured and disciplined way.  

Your focus will improve as well as your confidence.

Trance is of course a natural state that our brain finds itself in approximately every 6-7 mins. The brain needs to be in this state often to be able to process events and experiences that are happening around us on every sensory level.  The brain is like a sophisticated computer processor that responds and reacts through what is being coded into it, and then performs the operations and tasks that are necessary to function.

When we go into trance on the hypnotherapy couch, this experience is called REM, which is very much similar to a deep relaxation, where, your body feels comfortably heavy, but your mind feels comfortably light.  you begin to notice a detachment from the everyday thoughts and it's almost like the drifty, floaty feeling you have just before you wake up in the morning, where you are not quite awake, but not quite asleep.

This state is hugely beneficial, as your brain is at it's optimum resting point, but also at it's optimum productivity.  So, all suggestions that are positive and solution focused will be taken on board and given an action plan by you when you return to your daily tasks.



Dipti puts her own hypnosis skills to the test at the dentist and has ROOT CANAL SURGERY using self-hypnosis with NO ANAESTHETIC or PAIN RELIEF!!   

What happens in the Sessions?

The Initial Consultation lasts approximately an hour and a half. 

In this session, this will be your opportunity to tell us how you would like hypnotherapy to help you, and we will be able to give you a thorough explanation of how the brain works and you will leave the session with a good understanding of how we work, and how hypnotherapy helps and whether you think that it is something that you feel you can benefit from.  

If you decide it is for you, then we can tailor the sessions to suit you, and you will be given an audio, which you will be asked to listen to it every night to support your sessions.  

Usually, we will see you for three consecutive weeks to build momentum for the changes to start taking place and then we can discuss the route depending on how you feel your progress is developing.  

You are ALWAYS in control.

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"My only regret is that I did not come and see Dipti much, much sooner!"


"My life has been transformed. My tummy no longer dictates my movements. I dictate my movements!"


"I can eat normally again, and my IBS is being controlled simply by me managing my anxiety levels better."


"For the first time in years, I went on a 4hr walk, with no toilets en route, and I was absolutely fine. This has changed my life."


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Dipti Tait

Dipti, author of Good Grief, owns and manages The Cotswold Practice in Stroud, she began her career in TV Post Production, working for the BBC in London. She gave up this glamorous world to become a mother and raise her two boys. She then made some substantially significant life changes to embark on a much more fulfilling and rewarding career in various Holistic Therapies and now Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Cotswold Practice in Stroud. Dipti also lectures and holds workshops around the UK. Dipti regularly makes appearances on TV and Radio (BBC and ITV) talking about the benefits of Hypnotherapy..

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Initial Consultation in Stroud (1hr 30mins) - £150
Couch Sessions in Stroud (1hr ) - £150
Bespoke Hypnosis Audio Session (3hrs) - £295
Smoking Cessation (2.5hrs) - £250 (£50 deposit required on booking)

You are able to pay by card at the practice in Stroud.

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